“Net profit in my first month in practice!” Dr. R. B. – Florida

“I saw 59 new patients and rendered $26,000 in services my first month in practice.” Dr. M. B. – Arizona

“444 new patients in 10 months with $223,379 in services! Thanks Dr. Pete!!” Dr. P. R. – Nevada

“I hit net profit the first month and then proceeded to double my practice for the next two months!” Dr. M. V. – California

“$53,000 in my first month in practice. Practice Starters saved me almost $20,000 in equipment leases alone!” Dr. D. A.

Thanks to you, I was able to provide over $87,000 in services during my first 30 days in practice. Your program has allowed me to get a large number of sick people well, it has also provided my family with financial security. If all new graduates would take advantage of your knowledge and apply it in their practice, our profession would be taken to a new level. I know there is no way I can ever fully repay you for all that you have helped me accomplish, but it there is any way I can begin to return the favor, please let me know.” Dr. Kevin Platt – Okeechobee, FL

“I rendered $28,912 in my first month in practice, and within one year, I had to double my office space to accommodate our growth! Thanks PracticeStarters!” Dr. L. K. – Westford, MA

“I hit net profit in my first month in practice and then proceeded to double my collections each month after that! My first year collections were $320,000!” Dr. C. A. – California

Dr. Mary Watkin's Success Story“I recommend Dr. Fernandez’ Practice Starters program to all doctors, and especially those recently out of school. Chiropractic colleges do an excellent job of teaching us to be great clinical chiropractic physicians, but they don’t teach us how to start or run a business. We are now seeing 550 to 600 patient visits per week. We have grown from $28,000 to $138,000 per month in services. Thanks, Dr. Pete for all your guidance and friendship.” Dr. Mary Watkins – Gainesville, GA

“I have been in practice just over four years. I now realize the two most important business items you can do for practice and livelihood are: 1) A good location following Practice Starters guidelines 2) The PracticeStarters “SURVEY!” The importance of a good location is self-evident. The importance of THE SURVEY is demonstrated by the success I and other PracticeStarters clients have experienced. In my case, I was rewarded for my efforts by seeing 256 new patients the first month open.” Dr. J. Pollard – Chattanooga, TN

“Thanks to Practice Starters I was prepared to serve many patients. I saw 83 new patients in my first month and the third month collected nearly $23, 000. Practice Starters helped me turn my dream of having my own practice into a reality! Thank you Dr Pete!” Dr. I. T. – Wisconsin

“I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that my first practice only provided $30,000 in the first year. After joining PracticeStarters, I provided $20,183 in my very first month of practice! Amazing!” Dr. A. F. – Florida

“The Practice Starters program worked fantastically well for me and my clinic. We provided over $500,000 in services the first year in practice and over $1,000,000 the second year with an average of 700 patient visits per week and 96% collections. We’ve opened a second clinic which is averaging 25 patient visits a day in its second month – well on track to collect more than $300,000 in our first year!” Dr. Mark Brown – Texas

“We’ve just completed our first year in practice, and thanks to the practice Starters program we gave $265,000 in quality health care and saw 4800 office visits during that time. Without PracticeStarters, none of this would have happened!” Dr. J. H. – California

Practice Starters did everything! They told me what to do as soon as a patient came in the door, how to ask for referrals. Practice starters is a complete package, I didn’t reinvent the wheel: it was already invented. They had the plan and I just followed it! I would suggest to any doctor, not only a new doctor but any doctor, to make sure they have a coach to coach them along the way. School doesn’t really teach you how to run a practice. They teach you how to pass the test.” Dr. J. S. – California