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Let Our Online Program Be Your Guide to Starting a Successful Practice.

What makes the difference when starting a new practice?

Making all the right decisions – and that’s what The Practice Starters® Program will teach you to do! If you follow our program to a T – your start up practice will be profitable within only 5 months.

Our program guides you through every action you need to take. Everything from securing adequate financing, to choosing the right location, training employees, purchasing equipment, marketing your practice, and more!

Making all the right decisions can be as simple as following a simple checklist.The Practice Starters® Program has been responsible for the success of over 3,000 start up practices over the past 35 years. Our online program is affordable, easy-to-follow, and available 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace.
What You Need to Know About The Practice Starters® Program

The Practice Starters® Program is your personal guide to starting a successful practice of your own.
Here are just a few of the topics covered in our program:


  • Identifying banks that will lend to start-up D.C.s
  • Filling out your financial statements correctly
  • Designing a bank proposal that works
  • Negotiating with lenders effectively
  • Seeking alternative lending sources


  • Reducing monthly office lease rates
  • Reducing your build-out costs
  • Designing a cost-saving floor plan
  • Saving money when purchasing equipment
  • Getting discounts on computer software


  • Finding a new-patient-attracting office site
  • Designing a new-patient-attracting sign
  • Marketing your new practice effectively
  • Designing effective new-patient-attracting newspaper ads
  • Networking, done the right


  • Providing checklists for every step of starting a practice
  • Providing a complete, comprehensive program
  • Providing a special, student-specific program as well
  • Showing you how to use demographics and psychographics
  • Establishing a low overhead/high income practice